The Cloud Strategy Master Class

Learn the strategies top IT leaders and tech professionals use to help their organizations use cloud as a business tool.


Did you know that:

Organizations that don't have a formal cloud strategy tend to overspend on cloud by 40% 

Having a formal cloud strategy can help organizations to save money and ensure that their cloud spending aligns with their business goals. This is particularly important in today's rapidly changing business environment, where cloud technologies are playing an increasingly important role in driving innovation and growth. However, writing a formal cloud strategy is not easy and can be time consuming!

I want to help! Over the past year, I have been hard at work building the cloud strategy master class. I want to teach you everything I know about cloud strategy. You will learn how to develop, document, and implement an enterprise-grade cloud adoption strategy. I will make sure you use all the best practices I have learned over the years and avoid all the pitfalls so that you can complete your task successfully and efficiently!

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 The Only Course You Need! Here's Why:

  • Taught by an instructor who has helped organizations of all sizes develop transformational cloud strategies for their organizations.
  • An instructor who has reviewed thousands of cloud strategy documents.
  • The only cloud strategy course that walks you through a structured and methodical approach to developing and implementing your cloud strategy.
  • Offers you Word and PowerPoint Templates and fully written examples of each section of the document.
  • Offers you effective tools that you can use immediately in your cloud strategy projects.

The first step in your cloud transformation journey is crafting your cloud strategy!


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This Master Class is for you if…

  • You want to learn how to develop and implement an enterprise class cloud strategy.
  • You are a cloud or enterprise architect, cloud business manager or anyone responsible for crafting their organization’s cloud strategy.
  • You are an IT leader looking for a structured approach to developing and implementing their organization’s cloud strategy.
  • Sales and Marketing professionals looking to have more advanced conversations with their customers.
  • Cloud engineers that are aspiring to become cloud architects.

What's Inside?


Course Introduction

The course introduction module is your first stop in the cloud strategy master class. At the end of this module, you will have a solid idea of what to expect in the rest of the course. The course introduction module will:

  • Introduce you to the course and the topic we will cover.
  • Introduce you to your instructor and his qualifications.
  • Discuss the prerequisites for this course.
  • Discuss the course toolkits and what you can expect.

The Cloud Strategy Document (CSD)

The Cloud Strategy Document (CSD) module is the part of the master class that will focus on defining and documenting the cloud strategy. You’ll learn to:

  • Identify your executive sponsor.
  • Write an effective executive summary.
  • Identify and document real business drivers.
  • Connect business drivers to business outcomes.

The Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

The Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) module is how you will organize, and in which order you will tackle the different tasks necessary to successfully implement your cloud strategy. In this module, you’ll learn important lessons like…

  • To design and organize the CAF in a meaningful manner.
  • About tools and templates can you use to accelerate cloud adoption process.
  • Who is responsible for what? Building a RACI matrix.

The Cloud Implementation Plans (CIPS) 

This module is in development and lessons will be add as they are completed. This module will be available to all who purchase the course. In this module, you’ll learn...

  • To build implementation plans for CAF topics
  • About CIPS prerequisites
  • To use the provided templates as starting points
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The Full Curriculum

Part 1: Course Introduction

  • Getting Started
  • Curriculum Walkthrough
  • Prerequisites
  • Course Toolkits

Part 2: Cloud Strategy Document (CSD)

  • Introduction
  • Stakeholders
  • Executive Summary
  • Business Drivers
  • Business Outcomes
  • Cloud Adoption Approach
  • SWOT Assessment
  • Exit Strategy - Part 1
  • Exit Strategy - Part 2
  • Success Metrics
  • Terminology
  • Common Mistakes
  • CSD Conclusion

Part 3: Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

  • Introduction
  • Organizing the CAF - Part 1
  • Organizing the CAF - Part 2
  • RACI Matrix and Cloud Architect Dashboard
  • CAF Conclusion

Part 4: The Cloud Implementation Plans (CIPS)

  • CIPs Introduction
  • Building a CCoE
  • Application Assessment Process
  • Adopting a Tagging Strategy
  • Account Governance
  • CIPs Conclusion 

"This is a fantastic course for any current or aspiring cloud architects/engineers. Elias brings a lot of experience and the thoroughness of the course is astounding."

- Kyle Hilgendorf

"Excellent content, helped me better understand the in and outs of cloud, what factors go into a cloud strategy, and how to craft a cloud strategy that is effective and relevant."

- Traverse Clayton

"As a business leader this course not only does a good job of laying out the steps required to develop a solid cloud strategy, but also provides the needed framework to educate IT on how to interpret a business need, develop a solution and ultimately sell the solution back to the business."

- James Smith
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Cloud Strategy Master Class

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Over 4 hours of content

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Course content + Document Review

You get over 4 hours of course content and including all course toolkits. Additionally, Elias will review your cloud strategy document and give you feedback on a Zoom call.



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